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Three diagnosis methods of hydraulic system fault of excavator
Visual inspection method
For some relatively simple fault, by seeing, Shoumo, hearing and smell of parts inspection found for example, such as rupture, leakage, loosening and deformation failure to imagine through visual inspection, so in a timely manner to repair or replacement parts; hold the tubing (especially the hose), when pressure oil flows have vibration to feel, without oil flow or pressure is too low when there is no such phenomenon.
In addition, the hand can also judge with mechanical transmission components of hydraulic components is good for lubrication, hand feel element shell temperature changes, if the shell element overheating, poor lubrication; ear can determine the mechanical parts damage caused by the fault point and the extent of the damage, such as hydraulic pump, relief valve, open air the card will be issued a fault element impact sound such as water or "water hammer" and other abnormal noise; some parts due to overheating, poor lubrication and cavitation caused by sniffing the odor, can determine the fault point.
Method for diagnosis
The lack of diagnostic instruments or checked components in the maintenance of the site should not be opened more accurate, this method should be adopted first suspected failure components removed, replaced with new pieces of work or other normal machines, the same types of components to test, to see whether the exclusion of fault diagnosis can be made.
Diagnostic method used to check for failure, despite the structure, site element reserves or demolition inconvenience factors, the operation may also be more trouble, but if the balance valve, relief valve, one-way valve, small volume, easy to assemble the components, use of this method is more convenient. On the diagnosis method can avoid blindly removing and reduce the performance of hydraulic components. If it is not used for the fault inspection method, and directly remove suspicious and the main safety valve for dismantling, if the device no problem, after loading complex may affect its performance.
Instrument measuring and checking method
By means of measuring the various parts of the hydraulic oil hydraulic system pressure, flow and temperature to determine the system fault detection of the scene in general, due to the fault of the hydraulic system are often manifested as a low pressure, easy to detect; and flow are more difficult to detect, the size of the flow only through the implementation of element action make a rough estimate of speed. Therefore, in the field detection, more use of the detection system pressure method.
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