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Applicable maintenance and common problems of hydraulic press
Hydraulic press is suitable for pressing process of plastic materials. Processes such as powder products molding, plastic products forming, cold (hot) extrusion of metal forming, sheet drawing and cross compression, bending, turning, correction and so on.
The work should pay attention to the storage and transportation of working oil. Sheng drums plus special signs should be up and cover. In the winter, should pay attention to the barrel, not because the air into the water condensed into water and mixed with oil, do not put the barrel rust rust piece into the barrel. The winter to the engine and other mechanical systems to take a number of preventive measures, such as the cover of antifreeze, heating insulation, for low viscosity of the work of oil, etc., are applicable to the hydraulic system.
In the winter and the worse condition, the hydraulic system frequently check and maintenance, oil changejobs often. Common failures and maintenance methods of hydraulic press: in the hydraulic transmission system, are some of the more sophisticated parts. The hydraulic transmission of the machine is easy to be felt, but it is easy to be damaged. Investigate its reason, mainly is not very clear its working principle and structural characteristics, so as not to understand its preventive maintenance method. The hydraulic system has 3 basic "pathogenic" factors: pollution, overheating, and entry into the air. These 3 unfavorable factors are closely related to each other, and there will be one or more problems. It is proved by practice that the 75% "pathogenic" causes of hydraulic system are all caused by the three. 1 working oil intothe dirt and deterioration due to overheating 2 3 solution into the air: on some main precision parts cleaning and assembly system, shall be carried out in a very clean room, indoor have clean floor and the closed doors and windows, best to keep the temperature at about 200C.
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