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Classification of hydraulic system of hydraulic press
Hydraulic components, hydraulic components can be divided into dynamic components and control components, as well as the implementation of components of the three major categories. In spite of all the hydraulic components, their own functions and technical requirements for installation are not the same:
First, what is the power component?
The power element refers to a variety of hydraulic pump.
Two, gear pump and series pump (including external meshing and internal meshing) 1 types of structure.
2, vane pump (including single pump, variable pump, double pump, double pump).
3, the plunger pump is divided into axial piston pump and radial piston pump, axial piston pump, variable pump, quantitative pump (variable pump is divided into manual and variable pressure compensating variable, servo variable etc.) from the structure is divided into the face with oil and oil valve with two kinds of oil distribution mode however, radial piston pump with oil type, basically for valve type oil distribution.
Two, what are the control elements?
All kinds of hydraulic valves belong to the control element.
1, pressure control valve
(1) the pressure control valve is: relief valve, electromagnetic relief valve, unloading relief valve, one-way relief valve and pressure relief valve, one-way valve and the sequence of valve and one-way valve, etc..
(2) the range of sequence valve is divided into direct control sequence valve, remote control sequence valve, relief valve, direct control of the order of one-way valve, one-way sequence valve direct control, remote control and remote control balance valve balancing valve seven, and pressure relay, and pressure control valve, in all kinds of hydraulic transmission systems. According to different working conditions and performance requirements, for various types of hydraulic systems.
2, direction control valve
The directional control valve comprises a one-way valve, a hydraulic control one-way valve, an electromagnetic valve, an electromagnetic ball valve, an electromagnetic valve, a manual valve and a manual rotary valve.
3, flow control valve
Flow control valves are: throttle, one-way throttle valve, speed control valve, one-way throttle valve and a one-way throttle valve, one-way travel speed control valve, etc..
Three, the implementation of components have several
Hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor.
1, hydraulic cylinder
Vehicle oil cylinder, single action cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, swing cylinder, single action multi-stage oil cylinder (sleeve cylinder) and double action multi-stage oil cylinder and spring return oil cylinder, etc..
2, hydraulic motor
Hydraulic motor, gear motor, vane motor, piston motor, etc., that is almost a quantitative oil pump in theory can be used as a motor.
3, low speed high torque hydraulic motor
(1) internal meshing motor.
(2) internal curve hydraulic motor, divided into two types of shell pivot and turn.
(3) double disc axial plunger motor.
(4) radial plunger type hydraulic motor.
(5) ball plug type low speed high torque hydraulic motor.
(6) static balance low speed high torque low hydraulic motor.
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