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Name: Sanitation truck power pack

The hydraulic power unit is controlled by two independent single acting oil paths, and the speed of descent is automatically adjusted by the compensation flow valve. Another set of double-acting oil circuit can control the inverted cylinder, which can realize the power rise and decrease

1.This power which can only work intermittently and repeatedly ,ie.,1minute on and 8 minute off .

2.Clean all the hydraulic parts concerned before mounting the power unit .

3.Viscosity of the hydeaulic oil shoud be 15~68cst,which should also be clean and free of impurities.ISO46 hydraulic oil is recommend.

4.This hydranlic power unit is suitable for horizontal installation.

5.Check the oil level in the tank after the initial running of the power unit .

6.Oil changing is required after the initial 100operation hours,afterwards once every 3000 hours.

7.wei are at your disposal to offer you the power units with your favorate power ,flow,pressure as well as the tank capacity.

Schematic diagram of oil circuit:

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